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ORANGE RANGE オレンジレンジ departure from Okinawa, out of the world! #vol2

ORANGE RANGE departure from Okinawa, traveled from south to north through the music, came to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, out of the world. Five of them are not good in english, but they realized that music is really the common language of the world when ORANGE RANGE first time to meet overseas fans in those past years.

Orange Range (オレンジレンジ Orenji Renji) is a 5-member Japanese rock band, based in Okinawa, Japan. Brisk and mixture rock is the greatest theme of the ORANGE RANGE, do not need to use too hard words to describe ORANGE RANGE, just enjoy the music of ORANGE RANGE in the mood of new generation with another point of view.

At the beginning, because they believed that the name of the band with “color” will become very popular, so use the lucky color of the band leader Naoto’s mother as the name of the band. A song “Shanghai Honey” with high popularity in 2003. In 2004 they lead a song “Hana” of movie, and many other outstanding works and becoming popular quickly.

Last year in 2016, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ORANGE RANGE, starting from last fall, began the concerts of the 15th anniversary in 47 different places in Japan. This year ORANGE RANGE coming to Hong Kong and Taiwan again to open concerts, they believe there will be a new experience and they looking forward very much.

In an interview in Hong Kong, Yamato said that although the shows are very short each time, but ORANGE RANGE is very cherish these opportunities, hoping to bring an unforgettable concert for all the fans. Hiroki said that never thought ORANGE RANGE really can go abroad to perform. This is the very important moment for him, he hope that to enjoy music with everyone in this important moment.




Hiroki Hokama – mid-range vocals

Yamato Ganeko – high vocals

Naoto Hiroyama – guitar

Yoh Miyamori – bass

Ryo Miyamori – low vocals




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