Photo Diary

photomanm is a professional photographer who’s based in Hong Kong and loves to take photos. This photo diary is sharing some photos of his work and personal as he moves out and about the city and its environs. He travels overseas occasionally which reflects his passion of photography behind the lens.

If you are interested in working with photomanm on your next photography project, whether personal projects or commercial works, you can easy get in touch with him using the contact page or email to

photomanm, 香港專業攝影師,工作以外也喜歡拍一下日常。 這「攝影日記」分享了他的工作和個人的一些照片。 他偶爾出外旅行也不忙把當地人文生活風光收入鏡頭下,這反映了他在鏡頭背後的攝影熱情。


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